Redwoods Homeschool Community exists to reflect the love of Jesus Christ by cultivating community and equipping families, supporting and providing them with the tools they need to thrive in their home education journey. We desire to build a community, "a second home," in which every homeschooling family can grow and thrive.

Connect - We prioritize building meaningful connections and relationships within our community, fostering a sense of belonging and mutual support.  

Equip – We are dedicated to equipping parents with the tools, resources, and support they need to actively participate in their child's education.  

Enrich – We believe in providing enriching educational experiences that go beyond the classroom, inspiring curiosity, creativity, and a passion for learning.

Engage – We actively engage students and families in our community, encouraging active participation, collaboration, and service.

We serve homeschooling families with many backgrounds. Our families are typically from the Bristol area and neighboring towns, but we also have families who travel around 45 minutes. While we are a Christian organization, we welcome all homeschooling families. We ask that all Redwoods families adhere to our Handbook and Code of Conduct and if they teach in a co-op that they do not teach in opposition to our Statement of Faith.

We expect all Tutors to have a testimony at the ready to share with students or parents when appropriate (Matthew 28:19-20, 1 Peter 3:15). Curriculum is typically faith based but it isn’t required; we know that some subjects may not be readily available from the Christian perspective. We understand some subjects may not use curriculum and that tutors may create their class(es). All subject matter and instruction must align with our Statement of Faith. 

We offer several programs and activities to our members. Programs include two co-ops, Teen Council and Jr. Teen Council, and the Tutorial Program. Activities include field trips, mom’s nights, Fellowship Days, Fun Days, and Recess. We offer our Homeschool Exhibition and Schole Sister’s Retreat to all homeschoolers and will be adding other events and workshops as we grow. 

This is our first semester offering the Tutorial program. Currently the training we offer is the MinistrySafe training and the Tutor Orientation, both are required to attend. As we grow this program it is our hope to add professional development opportunities.

You do not have to become a member to be a tutor in our Tutorial Program. However, as a homeschooling parent, if you wish to participate in any Redwoods programs or activities then you must be a member.

We do not offer discounts for any families, including tutor members. Tutors, however, will have priority in registering their children for classes in the Tutorial Program.

No. We do not offer any childcare services. However, you may make arrangements with other tutors or members of Redwoods to care for your children while on campus. Children must not be a distraction to your tutoring or to students in the program.

We aim to have a collaborative relationship in choosing the curriculum for a course. Some subjects we may have a curriculum in mind, some we ask you to suggest a curriculum, some subjects may not require curriculum. We require lesson plans and will review and approve them before the semester begins.

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