Our Story

Discover the inspiring journey of our beginnings and the promise of what's yet to come. Explore our story, filled with hope, growth, and faith, and see how God's plan continues to unfold. Join us on this incredible journey of transformation and future possibilities.

Feb 2016 – GAB is created

Sept 2017 – Heidi St. John opens Firmly Planted Homeschool Resource Center in WA state; the seed is planted for Redwoods Homeschool Communty Center

Sept 2018 – GAB’s location changed temporarily

Jan 2019 – search for a new location, GAB temporarily paused

Dec 2019 – Redwoods Homeschool Community began with “Winter Clubs,” the precursor to Tuesday Co-op classes

March 2020 – co-op paused


May 2021 – GAB resumed as a Redwoods Program

Sept 2021 – Tuesday Co-op began; Redwoods activities began

April 2023 – effective date of exemption 501©3 status