Our Homeschooling Programs

Classes, Co-ops, and More!
Redwoods Tutorials

Enhance your home instruction with our Redwoods Tutorials program. Offering a variety of à la carte classes, we provide supplementary learning experiences tailored to meet the diverse needs of homeschooling families. From core subjects to specialized topics, our tutorials empower students to explore, discover, and excel in their educational journey.

GAB Club Co-op

Join our GAB (Gym, Art, Book) Club Co-op and engage your children in a vibrant cooperative learning environment. Designed for kids ages 4–13, our co-op rotates through engaging gym, art, and book classes, providing a well-rounded educational experience that fosters creativity, physical activity, and a love for learning.

Tuesday Co-op

Discover the flexibility and diversity of our Tuesday co-op program. Led by parent instructors, our co-op offers a range of classes suitable for all ages, covering both enrichment and academic subjects. With options to choose classes, and a Lunch Hour Fellowship for socializing, our Tuesday Co-op is the perfect complement to your homeschooling journey.

Teen Council + Jr. Teen Council

Empower your teen to make a difference in our Teen Council program. Through collaborative projects and event planning, students develop leadership skills, engage in meaningful service projects, and build lifelong friendships. Our Junior Teen Council provides younger teens with a supportive environment to explore leadership roles and contribute to their community.